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20 April 1983

Southeast Asia Report No. 1276



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JPRS 83301

20 April 1983


No. 1276



Government Wants Nuclear-Free South Pacific (Melbourne Overseas Service, 24 Mar 83) ....ccecccccccees l

Agreement With New Zealand Signed (Melbourne Overseas Service, 28 Mar 83) ....ccccecccceess 2

Canberra May Tighten Foreign Ownership Policy

(Florence Chong; THE STRAITS TIMES, 30 Mar 83) .......... 3 BURMA Editorial Examines Economic Situation (THE WORKING PEOPLE'S DAILY, 21 Mar 83) ......... ........ 5 FIJI Editorial Urges End to Nuclear Testing, Dumping (Editorial; THE FIJI TIMES, 30 Mar 83) eevee eee eeeoeeeeee 6 INDONESIA Approximately 3,000 Timorese Detainees To Be Released (Jacques de Barrin; LE MONDE , 10 Mar 83) *eeeeeneneeeeneeeneee 7 Biographic Information on Indonesian Personalities ....... .. ..... 8

New Governor of Bank Indonesia (INDONESIAN OBSERVER, 21 Mar 83) eeeneeneeneeeneneneeneeeeneeeeee ll

Manganese Deposit at Kliripan of Export Quality (INDONESIAN OBSERVER, 21 Mar 83) ........ .. . .. . . . . . ...... 12

World Bank Loan for Transmigration Project (INDONESIAN OBSERVER, 24 Mar 83) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenee- e8eee 14

-ae- (III - ASIA - 197]

Pertamina May Not Get Oil Hunt Loans



(Peter Hazelhurst; THE STRAITS TIMES, 31 Mar 83) ........

Bou Thang Greetings on MPA Anniversary

(Bou Thang; Phnom Penh Domestic Service, 24 Mar 83) .....

Intrusions Along Thai Border Intercepted

(Phnom Penh Domestic Service, 31 Mar 83) ................

Fresh SRV Division Heading for Thai Border

(Jim Wolf; AFP, 8 Apr 83) eeeeeeeeoeee eee ee eee eevee een eeeeee

KPRAF Political Officers Arrive in Hanoi


(SPK, 5 Apr 83) eevee eeveeee eevee eeeeee eevee eeeaeeeeeeeeeeeee

Upcoming Greek Communist Party Visit

Restrictions on Temple Fairs Discussed

(VIENTIANE MAI, various dates) eeoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Column Clarifies Policy on Land Abandoned by Refugees

(VIENTIANE MAI, various dates) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Vientiane Government Orders Property Registration

(VIENTIANE MAI, 10 Feb 83) eeeeeveeee eee eeev eee eee eeeeeeeene

Nouhak Signs Decree on Cultural Controls


(VIENTIANE MAI, 10 Feb 83) *eeeveeee eee eeee eee een ee eee ————

New Polish Ambassador

Aid From India

CSSR Anniversary Ceremony

Swedish Aid to Laos

Party Delegation Returns Home

SRV Provincial Delegation's Visit USSR Amity Association Anniversary Delegations Return From SRV Delegation Returns From Athens Vietnamese Provincial Delegation SRV Transport Protocol Signed

SRV Mining Memorandum Signed SRV-Aided Road Construction

MPR Art Performance

Italian Envoy To Leave

MPR Cooperation Commissions’ Meeting Delegation's Departure for Moscow











Soviet Amity Delegation's Departure Envoy to United Nations Memorandum Signed With USSR USSR Delegation Departs

Meeting With Hungarian Group USSR Agricultural Memorandum Bridge Construction

Ambassador to France

Education Delegation Returns Publishing Cooperation With USSR Vientiane Rice Purchases

Lao Soung Resettlement Efforts


Daily Wants Australian Reaction to SRV Action (Editorial; NEW STRAITS TIMES, 5 Apr 83) eeeeeeeeeeeee eee

Commentary Raps Cheysson’s Remarks on Kampuchea (Kuala Lumpur International Service, 1 Apr 83) ..........

Rajaratnam on SRV Attack Against Kampucheans (Singapore Domestic Service, 3 Apr 83) ......... .........

Retreat From ‘Buy British Last’ Policy Explained (AFP, 2 Apr 83) e*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevpeeeeeeeeeeeeaeea eee

Son Sann Thanks Malaysia for Support (Kuala Lumpur International Service, 1 Apr 83) .........-.

Rithauddeen on Trade Restrictions Within ASEAN (Kuala Lumpur International’ Service, 31 Mar 83) .........

Briefs Cabinet To Be Reshuffled Convicted Minister's Resignation Accepted Abdullah Readmitted to UMNO Ban on News Media 1982 Trade Deficit


Groups React Negatively to French Plan (AFP, 24 Mar 83) . eeeneeveeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaneaeee


Briefs Melbourne Cites Somare On Aid

2 ¢€¢ @

37 37 37 37 37 38 38 38 38 38 39 39







47 47 47 47 48




Opposition Politician Views on Election (Aquilino Pimentel; BULLETIN TODAY, 3 Mar 83) ........+-- 52

Prime Minister Virate Assumes Two More Posts (BULLETIN TODAY, 12 Mar 83) e*eeseeeeneeneeneneenseeneeneneeeneneneeneenee 54

Profile on New PNB President Mapa (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) ............ ....... 55

Mapa Replaces Domingo as PNB President (Ceorge T. Nervez; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) . 57

Editorial Scores Government Strike Policy (Editorial; BULLETIN TODAY, 11 Mar 83) ......cececesceees 59

Foreign Currency Withdrawals Decrease Bank Assets (GC. T. Nervez; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 10 Mar 83) .... 60

Ministry Loses Land Use Planning Authority (BULLETIN TODAY, 9 Mar 83) eeeeveeeweeeneeneeeeneeeeepeeeeeeaeeee 62

Romulo Arrives for ASEAN Taiks (BANGKOK POST, 23 Mar 83) *eeneeeeeneeneeneeneneeneeeneneeeneeeeeee 63

Relaxation of CP Regulations Proposed (Rayland Magallanes; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 8 Mar 83) 64

Irish Joint Ventures Planned (BULLETIN TODAY, 28 Feb 83) ....cscccccccvscccsccvcsveses 66

Marcos Reaffirms No-Nuclear-Arms Stand (Whillie Ng; BULLETIN TODAY, 25 Mar 83) *eeeneeeeneeeeneeeneeee 68

Ople Proposes Iraq Plan (BULLETIN TODAY , 8 Mar 83) *eeeeeeeveeeeeee ee evoeeeanee ee eeenenee 70

Ople Says Misuari Isolated From Movement (BULLETIN TODAY, 9 Mar 83) *eeeeteoveeeeeeeeeevneeeeeeevneeeeeee 71

Ople Warns Recruiters of Harc Times (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) ................... 72

Virata Denies Full Powers to Offshore Banks (George T. Nervez; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 10 Mar 83). 74

Wider Participation in Election Okayed (Willie Ng; BULLETIN TODAY, 27 Feb 83) e*eeeeeeeneneeneneneeeneee 76

CB Denies Foreign Exchange to Brokers (Ray Magallanes; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 10 Mar 83) .. 79


AFP Administrative Personnel Sent to Field (Jose de Vera; BULLETIN TODAY, 9 Mar 83) .........e-ee-

Editorial Calls for Measures Against Abuse of Authority (Editorial; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) ........

Deportation of Australian Priest Delayed (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) .....ceccescecceses

Chamber of Commerce Concerned Over CDCP Takeover (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar a Fr rrr TTT

SEC, CB Ease Money Mart Regulations (Ray Magallanes; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) ...

Opposition Officials, Journalists Charged (BULLETIN TODAY, 12 Mar 83) eeeeeeneeeeeeeeeaeeeeeeeeeneaeeeneene

Central Bank Governor Cites Factors for Recovery (BULLETIN TODAY, 12 Mar 83) eeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen eee eenene

Editorial Favors Separate Service Academies (Editorial, Apolonia Batalla; BULLETIN TODAY, 12 Mar 83).

NPC May Ration Power in Mindanao (Rene Alviar; BULLETIN TODAY, 12 Mar 83) ....ccccececsees

Land Reform Documents To Be Respected (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 12 Mar 83) ........ .. ........

Muslim Leaders Renew Dialogue Appeal (Nelly Sindayen; BULLETIN TODAY, 12 Mar 83) .............

NDC Subsidiary To Build P5 Million Plant (Rosario A. Liquicia; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 8 Mar 83)

Credit Eased for Distressed Firms (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 5 Mar 83) *ee0neeneweeneeeneneneeenee

Firm Suffers P295 Losses (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, R Mar 83) e*eeneneeeneeeeeeneneneneee

Offshore Bankers Full Power Bid Protested (George T. Nervez; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 8 Mar 83) .

Mindanao Development Plans Reported (BULLETIN TODAY, 3 Mar 83) eoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeeeaeeeeaeeeneene

NPA Raider Activities (Roy Sinfuego; BULLETIN TODAY, 3 Mar ee aceestéeceennsse

Probe on Hidden Wealth Urged (Cc, Valmoria; BULLETIN TODAY, 3 Mar 83) *eneeeenvreeeeeeneeee

- e-
















Air Combat Unit Formed (BULLETIN TODAY, 3 Mar 83) eeeeneeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeeneee

Australian Priest Linked to Guerrillas, Murder (Victor S$. Marcelo; PHILIPPINES DAILY FXPRFSS, 8 Mar 83) .

AFP Captures NPA Catholic Nun (Mel Parale; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 10 Mar 83) .......

Mindanao Evacuees Given Relief (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 8 Mar i” scaccatensuacecesss

Student Activists Rounded Up (Isidoro Chammag; BULLETIN TODAY, 9 Mar 83) .....-eeeeeees

IMF Loan Approved (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 27 Feb 83) ....sccceeveccceees

Cebu Insurgents Surrender (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 27 Feb 83) e*eeeeeeeeeeeeeeneenene

Dutch Aid for Energy Study (BULLETIN TODAY, 27 Feb 83) eeeeeveeeeeeeveeee eee e eee eeeee ee ee

Sea Disputes Need Early Settlement (Vicente B. Foz; BULLETIN TODAY, 28 Feb 83) ....ceeeseeees

Smelting, Refining Corporation Viability Doubted (BULLETIN TODAY, 28 Feb 83) **e#eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea eee eae eeeeaeeaeene

Oil Exploration Failure Reported (BULLETIN TODAY, 28 Feb 83) eee eeee eee eevee eea eee eee eve ceaeeenene

Brownout Contingency Plan Operational (BULLETIN TODAY, 28 Feb 83) *eeeeeeao eee eee eeeeeeeaeeeeevneenenenee

West German Held; Suspected CPP Foreign Connections (Far East Broadcasting Company, 30 Mar 83) ....ceeeeceeees

Canoy Wants Philippines Declared Disaster Area (AFP, 31 Mar 83) *eeenweeeeeeeeeeeee ee eee eee eee eeaevne eee eeee ee

Ver Said To Place Armed Forces on High Alert (AFP, 27 Mar 83) *e#eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eee ee eeeeee

- Marcos To Tap Private Sector in Export Drive (Willie Ng; BULLETIN TODAY, 27 Mar 83) ....... . . . . .. . .....

Romulo Reacts to SRV Charge on Talks Rejection (AFP, 26 Mar 83) eoeeeveeveeeeeeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeeeewneeweeeeenee

Police Alerted for NPA Anniversary (Far East Broadcasting Company, 26 Mar 83) ....ceeeeceeees




















Romulo Speech at ASEAN Meeting (BANGKOK POST, 25 Mar 83) e*eeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Improved Security for Army Engineering Units (Far East Broadcastiug Company, 24 Mar 83) ....cseceeeees


Anti-Base Sentiments Examined (Danny M. Gonzales; VISAYAN HERALD, 24 Feb 83) ......++.+-

Funds for Housing Program (George T. Nervez; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 27 Feb 83).

Mindanao Electricity Rate Increase Looms (Ray Enano; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 8 Mar 83) ........

Drought Perils Power Plants (Casiano A. Navarro; BULLETIN TODAY, 4 Mar 83) ......+...

Marcos Says Drought Situation Improving (BULLETIN TODAY, ll Mar 83) e*eeeeaeev eevee ee eeeeeeeweeeaeeneaneee

Tanco Asks Drought Areas Be Declared Disaster (Victor Agustin; PHILIPPINES DAILY FXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) ...

Samar Crops Destroyed in Drought (Owen Masaganda; BULLETIN TODAY, 4 Mar 83) ..............

Agriculture Ministry Increases Corn Import Pue To Drought (Victor Agustin; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 12 Mar 83) ..

Increased Coconut Production Foreseen (PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 12 Mar Dee esceeseseceetsoose

Board of Investments Allows Fiber Imports (Rosario Liquicia; PHILIPPINES DAILY FXPRESS, 10 Mar 83).

Pump Mill Fyes Expansion, Exports (Rosario Liquicia; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 9 Mar 83) .

Minister Savs No Cement Price Hike (BULLETIN TODAY, 9 Mar 83) *eeeeeco4aeeweeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeeeeeee ©

Power Agency To Borrow $100 Million for Nuclear Plant (BULLETIN TODAY, ll Mar 83) eee eevee ee eee weeeeve eee eaeeeeneeere

Relaxation on Banana Import Curbs Asked (Rosario A, Liquicia; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 4 Mar 8&3)

Terrorists Open Up New Fronts (Mel Parale; PHILIPPINES DAILY EXPRESS, 3 Mar 83) .......

RP To Help UAE Produce Food (BULLETIN TODAY, 28 Feb 83) ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee 2 ee et

= & =



















Rice Sales to Indonesia (A. S. Roque; BULLETIN TODAY, 27 Feb 83) .......seeeeee- ,

Briefs UNIDO Reports Arrest Czechoslovakia Offers Scholarships World Bank Funded Project Delayed Commercial Bank Profits Up 19 Percent Governor Appeals for Drought Relief Aid Over P336 Million on Metro Manila Projects Drought Closes Mindanao Irrigation Systems Captured NPA Leader Reveals Plan U.S. Statement on Nuclear Arms Mindanao Starvation Fear Dismissed Davao Towns Return to Normal


Praman Press Conference Address on Election (BANGKOK POST, 3 Apr 83) *eeneeeneeneeneneeeneeneeeeeeeneeeneenere#e

Editorial Views Confusion Among Electorate (Editorial; MATUPHUM, 1 Apr 83) *eenerenvneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Prasert Admits Playing a Political Role (Thirapongse Bandharangshi, Tara Chin; BANGKOK POST,

22 Mar 83) **eeeveeeev ewe een eev eae eaea eee eae eee ee eeeeevn eae eee eeeeeee

Doubts Remain Over Surprise Transfer (THE NATION REVIEW, 19 Mar 83) e*eneevreeeeeeeeeneeeeeeeevpeeeee

Army Commander Attacks Politics of Bangkok Officers (THE NATION REVIEW, 22 Mar 83) eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeneeeeee

Army Radio Warns of Too Much Democracy (Voice of First Army Division, 1 Apr 83) ..,ccececceceees

Labor Department in Job Deal With Army (BANGKOK POST, 20 Mar 83) eevee eeeeeeeeeeeveeeevneeeeveeeeeeeee

Praise for Army Order on Soldiers’ Voting (Editorial; THE NATION REVIEW, 2 Apr 83) eee eeeeneveneneeneeeneee

ASEAN-EEC Meeting, French Aid to SRV (Editorial; SLAM RAT, 26 Mar 83) eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaeee

SRV Offensive in Kampuchea Assailed (Editorial; BANGKOK POST, 5 Apr 83) eee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Papers Criticize SRV Offensive on Border (Various sources, various dates) .....cceeccccccceseecess



159 159 159 160 160 160 160 161 161 161 161 162












SRV Offensive in Kampuchea Condemned (Editorial; BANGKOK POST, 2 Apr 83) .......ccecccececeees

Reasons Behind SRV Attack Reviewed

(Editorial; THE NATION REVIEW, 1 Apr 83) .......c-ceeeeee

Foreign Ministry Handling of SRV Raid Scored (Editorial; MATUPHUM, 5 Apr 83) ee evr eeeeneeneneeeneeeneeeneeeee

SRV Use of Military Means Rapped

CPT Defector Denies ISOC, Army Role

(Editorial; THE NATION REVIEW, 5 Apr 83) ......cceseeeees

(Thiraphong Phantharangsi, Thara Chin; BANGKOK POST, 22 Mar 83) rer er ee eeeeeeneeeaee eee ee eee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeeeee

CPT Radio Silent for Two Months (BANGKOK POST, 26 Mar 83) esenernrveeeneeeeeneneneeneeneneeeeeneeeeneee

Former CPT Member To Stand for Election

Bunchu Ready To Cooperate With Military

Group's Association to Monarchy Scored

(BANGKOK POST, 26 Mar 83) see eeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(Khamnun Sitthisaman; BANGKOK POST, 4 Apr 93) .....6.00.-

(Editorial; MAT UPHUM, 31 Mar 83) oe eee eee eee eee eee ee ee eee

SUA Rebels Deny Attack on Border Pat Outpost

Sitthi Asks More EC Investment in ASEAN

CPM Guerrilla May Surrender Next Month (THE NATION REVIEW, 23 Mar 83)

(BANGKOK POST, 6 Apr 83)

( THE NATION REVIEW, 25 Mar 83) eereeeeeereeeereeeeeeeeeeeeee

Possible Drop in Sugarcane Production Causes Concern (THE NATION REVIEW, 23 Mar 83) ....ccccccccccccccceecsees

Rice Exports Average Reported (BANSKOF POST, 23 Mar 83) *eenereeneneneeneneeneneneeneneeneneenweneneeeeeee

Excess Tapioca To Be Deducted From Remaining Quota (BANGKOK POST, 23 Mar 83) seer eeeeereeeeeeeneeeeeneeeneeneeee



Vietnamese Lilegal Immigrants

Sugar Exports

French Buildup on Disputed Isles

















206 206




Anniversary of Air Defense Corps Hailed (Editorial; Hzuoi Somestic Service, 28 Mar 83) .........-

Accomplishments of Mien Tay Corps in Laos Noted (Hanoi Domestic Service, 31 Mar 83) e*eneneneeneeneneneneneneneneneeeee

Activity of B-09 Division in Kampuchea Discussed (Khanh Toan; Hanoi Domestic Service, 24 Mar 83) ......+..

Outstanding VPA Units in Kampuchea, Laos Cited (Hanoi Domestic Service, 23 Mar 83) *eeeneneneeneeeeeeneeneeneee

Briefs Difficulties in 2d Signal Battalion

Lam Dong Theft Cases Border Defense Units' Work


"NHAN DAN’ Editorial Marks Hungarian National Day (VNA, 4 Apr 83) *eneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

"NHAN DAN' Calls for End to U.S. Grenada Aggression (VNA, 5 Apr 83) ere eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Briefs Vietnamese Workers in USSR French Aid Accord Scientist Visits U.S. Universities Scientific Cooperation With Hungary Sympathy Message to Colombia Binh Tri Thien Group to Laos Youth Delegation in Moscow


Tran Kien Attends Lam Dong Party Congress (Hanoi Domestic Service, 31 Mar 83) ...ccccccececcccceees

Dong Sy Nguyen Addresses Gia Lai-Cong Tum Congress (Hanoi Domestic Service, 24 Mar 83) ...cccccccccccesecees

VCP To Disseminate Socialist Conference Degrees (Hanoi Domestic Service, 5 Apr 83) ...ccccecccceccecesess

'NHAN DAN' on Motivating Youth for Revolution (fFditorial; Hanoi Domestic Service, 25 Mar 83) ......e05.






217 217 217



221 221 221 222 222 222 222





Goals Set for Dong Nai To Correct Shortcomings, To Prosper (Le Huyen Thong ; NHAN DAN, 2 Mar 83) eeeeeereeeeeseeeeeene 230

Briefs Secretariat Approves Conference Documents 236


Provinces Review, Sign Emulation Agreements (Hanoi Domestic Service, 2 Apr 83) ...ccscccccccccccccceecs 237

Nguyen Huy Article on Collective, Family Economies; Part I (Nguyen Huy; NHAN DAN, 4 Mar 83) eeeeeeeereseeeeeeeeeeeeees 238


Ben Tre Endeavors To Increase Agricultural Output (Huynh Thanh Mua; NHAN DAN, 28 Feb 83) .....cccccccccceces 242

Hai Phong, Ha Nam Ninh Step Up Fifth Month-Spring Rice Planting (NHAN DAN, 28 Feb 83) eeeeeoeaeaoevoeeeeeeeeeeeeeev ee eee eeaen eee eee 247

Tenth Month Winter-Spring Rice Statistics Issued (Hanoi Domestic Service, 4 Apr 83) eeeeeveoeoeee ee eevee eeeee8 249

Thanh Hoa Develops Production in Fixed Cultivation Areas (Nam Ninh; NHAN DAN, 28 Feb 83) eeeeseoeaevaceaeecespeeaeeeeeeeeaeee8 250

Hanoi Reports on Areas Affected by Drought (Hanoi Domestic Service, 31 Mar 83) eeeseeaeaeeaeaeeeeeeeenenee8 252

Localities Urged To Grow Subsidiary ‘Crops (Hanoi Domestic Service, 26 Mar 83) ...sscccecccecccceeces 253

Hanoi Radio Reviews Agricultural Situation (Hanoi Domestic Service, 30 Mar 83) eeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeneene 254


Long Son Grain Target 256 Ha Son Binh Rice 256 Drought in Northern Provinces 256


Briefs Haiphong Coal Supply Control 257


Interview With Industrial Service Director (Nguyen Dinh Lac Interview; HANOI MOI, 12 Jan 83) ........ 258



Achievements, Objectives of Hanoi Small Industry, Handicrafts

Reported (HANOI MOI, 16 Jan 83) eeewevpeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeae eee eee

"NHAN DAN' Editorial on Trade Union Congresses (Editorial; Hanoi Domestic Service, 30 Mar 83) ..........

Ho Chi Minh City Young Labor Force Progresses (VNA, 6 Apr 83) eeeeseeeesvpeeeeneeeeeeeeeeea eee eaeeeeeeaeeeaeeaeeenee

Truong Chinh Letter Hails Paper ‘LAO DONG’ (Hanoi Domestic Service, 30 Mar 83) ...ccsccccceccesececs

Briefs Laborers From Hai Hung


'NHAN DAN' Cited on Conservation of Electricity (Editorial; Hanoi Domestic Service, 27 Mar 83) ..........






GOVERNMENT WANTS NUCLEAR-FREE SOUTH PACIFIC BK241148 Melbourne Overseas Service in English 0830 GMT 24 Mar 83

[Text] The new defense minister, Mr Scholes, has made it clear that the federal government warnis a nuclear free zone in the South Pacific. Mr Scholes said it was Labor Party policy to work towards creating such a zone. But he agreed this could not be done without international agreement.

The defense minister indicated that the new government was concerned about French and Japanese activities in the South Pacific. He told a Radio Australia correspondent in Canberra (Ted Keness) that he would like to see an end to the French nuclear testing in the area.

Mr Scholes also said that Japan's dumpting of nuclear waste in the Pacific region was a matter of concern. However, Mr Scholes indicated that Australia was not likely to take any extraordinary measures over the testing or dump-


He also made it clear that Australia was not likely to take unilateral action in trying to create the nuclear free zone. Mr Scholes also ruled out any possibility that Australia would acquire nuclear weapons under a federal labor government. He said Australia had always had a conventional weapons policy which it would not alter, especially in the light of the Labor Party's strong position on uranium.

CSO: 4200/498


AGREEMENT WITH NEW ZEALAND SIGNED BK281135 Melbourne Overseas Service in English 0830 GMT 28 Mar 83

[text] Australia and New Zealand today signed a wide-ranging agreement de- signed to gradually establish free trade between the two countries. The agreement was signed in Canberra by Australia's federal minister for trade, Mr Bowen, and the New Zealand's high commissioner Sir Laurie Francis. The agreement took almost 3 years to negotiate by the former Liberal-National Party coalition government and following a review was accepted without change by the new Labor Government.

Under the agreement, both countries will move towards free trade, with New Zealand dismantling its report subsidies and import barriers over the next 5 years. However, 2 New Zealand system of import licensing will not be dropped entirely until 1995.

After today's cerenony, Mr Bowen said that overall, Australia would get more benefits from the new arrangement than New Zealand. The agreement would make for good partnership.

CSO: 4200/498



[Article by Florence Chong]

{Text] Sydney, Tues—-The new Labour government may take a tougher stand on foreign ownership in Australian industry.

Deputy Prime Minister Lionel Bowen yesterday indicated that the government might tighten existing policies on foreign investment in the country.

He said the level of foreign control of Australian industry was the second biggest in the world after Canada.

The last statistics taken in 1976-77 showed that 59 per cent of Australian companies were controlled by overseas companies.

"We are too foreign-owned and controlled perhaps for our own benefit," Mr Bowen told an audience at a seminar.

The minister said he is undertaking an extensive investigation of the owner- ship of Australia's minerai Industry with a view to possible policy changes. The review, however, is only internal at this stage and there are no immedi-

ate plans for any major policy changes.

It is aimed at determining what level of foreign ownership there is, and if it is desirable this should we reversed.

A Different Attitude

It will cover such aspects as trading agreements of mineral companies, which companies are the major sellers and the role of commercial institutions such

as Japanese trading houses and shipping.

Observers noted that Mr Bowen"s attitude on foreign ownership appeared to differ from the views expressed in a recent interview by Treasurer Paul


Mr Keating was quoted in the Sydney Mourning Herald as saying "I think that there has been a general agreement between the parties on foreign investment for some time now."

He also endorsed the trend under the old coalition government of Mr Malcolm Fraser to relax foreign investment rules because of the recession, and allowed some resource projects to start up without the required 50 per cent Australian

equity. Call for More Flexibility

Asked if there was a bipartisan approach to foreign investment policy, Mr Bowen said there was to the extent the present government "wants intelligent foreign investment in Australia."

Meanwhile, speaking at the annual conference of the Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies in the Gold Coast, Queensland Premier Joh Bjielke-Petersen urged the Federal government to be more flexible with its foreign investment guidelines to generate new spending and job opportunities.

He said the Foreign Investment Review Board guidelines had blocked countless projects which would have benefited Australia.

CSO: 4200/506

j at



[Text] In explaining the 1983-84 yearly plan to the fourth session of the Third Pyithu Hluttaw on 14 March, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Planning & Finance Thura U Tun Tin spoke at length on the economic plan per- formance of the first year of the Fourth Four-Year Plan and the improved economic situation in the country.

Economic growth rate for 1982-83 was targeted at 5.9 per cent but actual rate is expected to be 7.1 per cent with the plan performance standing at 101.3

per cent.

Such improvements are attributable to the increase in output value as well as quantity in the agriculture sector. In this connection, it is interesting to note that as a result of township-wide implementation of special high-yield projects--paddy in 82 townships and other crops in 87 townships led to increase in output value at 105.5 per cent in the agriculture sector during the first year of the Fourth Four-Year Plan.

The increase in agricultural production, it will be noted, is not without im- pact upon industries, particularly our agro-based industries. The production of paddy in 1982-83 was estimated at 644.4 million baskets with the State slated to buy 207 million baskets. The State has bought more than 186.7 million baskets of paddy as of 11 March.

Under the 1983-84 economic plan, a target of 5.0 per cent increase in Gross National Product has been set. If production can be increased according to the target in 1983-84, it would mean improved per capita economic situation with increase by 2.6 per cent in per capita income and 2.4 per cent in per

capita consumption.

Under such circumstances it is vital that the strength of the entire people be mobilized under the leadership of the Burma Socialist Programme Party for achieving regional and sectoral plan targets to ensure success of 1983-84 Economic Plan and to achieve the Fourth Four-Year Plan objectives oriented towards the targets of the 20-Year Long Term Plan.

CSO: 4200/504


EDITORIAL URGES END TO NUCLEAR TESTING, DUMPING Suva THE FIJI TIMES in English 30 Mar 83 p 6 {Editorial: "The Crusade Must Go 0n"]

[Text] News despatches from Paris and Tahiti hint at another series of nuclear tests at Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific over the Easter weekend.

The French Government's policy, obviously in the face of mounting Pacific and worldwide pressure against the continuation of these tests, is one of silence. It neither confirms nor denies reports of actual detonations, despite their being recorded on monitoring seismic equipment in Wellington or Golden in Colorado.

So, even if France conducts tests this Easter, there will be no official con- firmation.

This is only one of the more repugnant aspects of nuclear bomb testing.

At a time when there is mounting fear all over the world about the very real threat of a cataclysmic nuclear war, the race for developing even more ter- rible doomsday weapons has gathered speed.

Some of the biggest anti-nuclear marches and demonstrations have taken place in Paris. But apparently the militarists in France are not moved by such demonstrations.

The anti-nuclear movement in the South Pacific is defunct. It is ironic that two of the tiniest nations in the region--Kiribati and Nauru--are now the standard-bearers of this movement. They fought a valiant battle in London two months ago to ban nuclear testing and dumping in the South Pacific, and scored a significant moral victory.

But France has been able to use its considerable economic power to dilute the anti-bomb lobby in which Fiji, for example, once spoke with a loud voice. Depressed commodity prices and the pressures of trade have forced some of the nations in this region to weigh idealism against realism, to the detriment of such worthwhile and ultimately beneficial causes as keeping the Pacific free from nuclear pollution. The battle must, however, continue. The pressure on the French and the Japanese to stop them from using the Pacific as their nu- clear garbage dump should be strengthened.

CSO: 4200/505



Paris LE MONDE in French 10 Mar 83 p 3

/article by Jacques de Barrin: "Indonesians Plan to Free More Than 3000 People Before the End of the Year"/

/Text/ Djakarta--Is it a response to the United Nations commission on the rights of man which, in February, invited the international community to "relieve the suffering of the people of East Timor", the former Portuguese colony annexed by Indonesia in 1975? At any rate, authorized sources indicate that the Atauro camp, where about 3200 people live, “will be closed at the end of the year at the latest." These people (of whom about 60 percent are women and children) have been displaced from the neighboring island of Timor and are suspected of sympathizing with the revolutionary front for the independence of East Timor (Fretilin). These families, we are assured, will return to their former villages or will be settled, for security reasons, in new centers built

close to the highways.

The same source adds that a new contingent of Timorese, authorized to settle abroad because of their desire to be reunited with their families, will soon be given permission to leave the island. Ninety-seven will leave in the next 3 months for Australia, and about 200 will be sent to Portugal by the end of the year. The fate of poet Inacio Moura, who holds a Portuguese passport, has not yet been decided. In fact, this avowed sympathizer of the Fretilin, who has asked to emigrate to Australia, is considered in high places as a political


The Djakarta authorities, moreoyer, have noted with relief that the Timor question did not figure in the preliminary draft of the final declaration of the non-aligned summit meeting. The attempt made by 10 states, one of which was Vietnam, to call Indonesia to task, seems doomed to failure.

The local officials admit that it is difficult to suppress completely a guerrilla war which, in their opinion, is made up of no more than 100 armed men. for

all that, it is out of the question, in their opinion, to grant the right of self-determination to this province.

"For us, the question of East Timor is settled once and for all", President

Suharte tust repeated before the people's consultative assembly. "The inhabitants of Timor are already united physically and spiritually to the

Indonesian people." The chief of state's wish is to arrive at a settlement of this affair on the international level "in the not too distant future" thanks to a "more active diplomacy."

9895 7 CSO: 4219/49



[Unless otherwise noted, the following information on Indonesian personalities has been extracted from Indonesian language sources published in Jakarta.)

REAR ADMIRAL SOEWARSO--The post commander of the Navy Section of the Indonesian Armed Forces Staff and Command School was transferred yesterday [3 February] from Rear Adm Adang Safaat to his replacement, Rear Adm Soewarso, at a ceremony held in Yos Sudarso Hall at the Navy Section of the Indonesian Armed Forces Staff and Command School in the Cipulir district of Jakarta. Rear Adm Adang Safaat had held the post of commander of the staff and command school for more than 5 years and will be assigned to new duties at navy headquarters. Rear

Adm Soewarso had previously been chief of the Navy Data Collection and Pro- cessing Service and will temporarily continue to hold that position. [Text] [Jakarta HARIAN UMUM AB in Indonesian 4 Feb 83 p 4] 5170

AIR COMMODORE WARDOYO KUSUMO--The Indonesian Air Force chief of staff, Air Marshal Sukardi, presided over the transfer of the office of commander of Air Region I from the former incumbent, Air Commodore Ibnu Subroto, to his replacement, Air Commodore Wardoyo Kusumo, on Wednesday, 2 Feb, at Medan Air Force Base. Air Commodore Ibnu Subroto will be assigned to new duties at air force headquarters as assistant to the chief of staff for planning and budget affairs. Air Commodore Wardoyo had previously served as principal general inspector in the office of the air force inspector general. [Excerpts] [Jakarta HARIAN UMUM AB in Indonesian 4 Feb 83 p 8] 5170

REAR ADM ADANG SAFAAT--The post of commander of the Military Sea Frontier Command [KOLINLAMIL] has been transferred from the former incumbent, Rear Adm Soeprapto, to his replacement, Rear Adm Adang Safaat, at a formal military ceremony at KOLINLAMIL Dock in Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. Rear Adm Soeprapto will be assigned as senior officer in the office of the navy chief of staff at navy headquarters. Rear Adm Adang Safaat had previously been senior officer in the office of the navy chief of staff. [Excerpts] [Jakarta HARIAN UMUM AB in Indonesian 11 Feb 83 p 8] 5170

AMBASSADOR ABDOERACHMAN DJAJAPRAWIRA--The Argentine Government has agreed to the appointment of Abdoerachman Djajaprawira as Indonesian ambassador to Argentina. He replaces Ambassador A.G.G. Oke Djelantik, who had completed his tour of duty. Ambassador Abdoerachman was born in Jakarta on 7 October 1928. He entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1954. He has held a number of positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, both in Indonesia as well as overseas. In 1978

he was assigned to the Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a position which he held until he was appointed Indonesian ambassador to Argentina. [Text] [Jakarta KOMPAS in Indonesian 5 Feb 83 p 9] 5170

J. SOEDJATI DJIWANDONO--J. Soedjati Djiwandono, a member of the Executive Council of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), has been awarded a Ph. D. in international relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. The ceremony took place on 19 January 1983. The title of his doctoral dissertation was: "An Analysis of the Use and Role of a Third Party in the Settlement of International Disputes with Special Reference to Indonesian-Soviet Relations.” Essentially, the dissertation reviews the role of the Soviet Union in the implementation of Indonesian foreign policy during the period of the West Irian campaign and Indonesian confrontation of Malaysia. Soedjati will resume his position as a director and senior staff member of CSIS and will hold the position of chairman of the Department of International Relations of CSIS. [Text] [Jakarta KOMPAS in Indonesian 8 Feb 83 p 6] 5170

JOGIE SUARDI MEMET-~-A change in command in the post of commander of Defense Area II took place on Saturday [12 February] at the headquarters of Defense Area II in Yogyakarta [Central Java], with Lt Gen wWijogo, the former incumbent, handing over to his replacement, Maj Gen Jogie Suardi Memet. Mohammed Jogie Suardi Memet was born on 16 May 1919 in Cirebon (Central Java]. In 1945-46 he took part in people's defense groups in Cirebon and joined Students’ Army Battalion 400. His military career then continued in various areas of West Java. He became the commander of Paratroop Battalion 330 in 1965 and, 2 years later, was appointed to the command of Bandung Military District. After that he served as chief of staff of Air Defense Brigade 17. Before becoming commanding general of the Air Defense Command [KOPASANDHA], Gen Yogie was commander of Infantry Brigade 15 in the Siliwangi Division. Finally, he became commander of Military Region VI/Siliwangi, a position he held until his appointment as commander of Defense Area II. Courses which he has attended included paratroop training, advanced officer's training {[KUPALTU], the airborne infantry course [SUSLAPA INFANTRI], and the Army Staff and Command School. Gen Yogie holds the Guerrilla Star Medal, the 8-year ser- vice medal, and dozens of campaign medals. During hiS career since becoming an officer Yogie has been promoted every 4 years. This year he has been pro- moted to the rank of lieutenant general. He has two sons. The new commander of Defense Area II has “broken” the tradition of the Defense Area command.

For the first time a commander of a military region haS been directly promoted to be commander of Defense Area II. His predecessor, Lt Gen Wiyogo, had pre- viously been commander of Defense Area I (Sumatra and West Kalimantan). The previous commander of Defense Area I, Gen (Retired) Widjojo Sujono, had pre- viously been commander of Defense Area III (Sulawesi). Another predecessor, Gen (Retired) Widodo, had also previously been commander of Defense Area I.

It has also been a “tradition” that after an officer is commander of Defense Area II, he is promoted to a still higher position. After Gen Widodo had com- pleted his service as commander of Defense Area II, he became Army chief of staff, while Gen Widjojo Sujono was subsequently promoted to be chief of staff of the Security and Order Commander [KOPKAMTIB]. Like other commanders of Defense Areas, Maj Gen Yogie Suardi Memet is a senior officer of the “succeeding generation” [i.e., he belongs to the generation that reached higher command well after the Indonesian Revolution of 1945-49]. However, whereas Lt Gen Susilo Sudarman (commander of Defense Area I), Lt Gen Himawan Sutanto (com- mander of Defense Area III), and Lt Gen Seno Hartono (commander of Defense Area IV) are graduates of the Military Academy in Yogyakarta in 1948, Gen Yogie is a 1952 graduate of the Army Officers’ Training Course [SP3AD]. Gen Yogie, during his career in the Siliwangi Military Region almost followed up on the whole career of Lt Gen Himawan Sutanto. When Siliwangi Division troops were participating in Operation "Kilat”