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RELEASE TO MORNING PAPERS Press Service OF JANUARY 18, 1934, No. 1 - 17

The Secretary of the Treasury issued instructions tonight (Jan.17), authorizing the Treasurer of the United States, the United States Mints and Assay Offices, and the Federal Reserve Banks to continue, until further notice, to receive gold coin and gold certificates and to pay therefor in other currency at their face value, They were also authorized to receive gold bullion and to pay for it at the statutory rate of $20.57 per ounce, The instructions issued tonight are made subject to the rights reserved in the Secretary's order of January 15 setting

midnight of Jamuary 17 as the final date on which gold coin, gold


ertificates and sold bullion might be delivered in compliance


ith the Secretary's order of December 28, 1933,

Inquiries have been received by the Treasury Department from business men who desire to know whether they may continue to accept gold coin and certificates in payment for merchandise and services, The instructions which were sent out tonight

will provide a way by which they may dispose of receipts of zold

coin and gold certificates and receive payment for them


Bureau of the Budget

Information for the Press Jamary 20, 1934,

For Immediate release

Many inquiries made of the Bureau of the Budget concerning (1) the allocation of funds by the Public Works Administration from the appropriation of June 16, 1933, of $3,300,000,000, for National Industrial Recovery, and also concerning (2) the expenditures of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, indicate that the persons making these inquiries have overlooked the fact that summaries of such data appear in the 1935 Budget. The allocations from the appropriation for National Industrial Recovery will be found in Budget Statement No. 5, page A80, and the summary of the expenditures of the Recon- struction Finance Corporation in Budget Statement No. 6, page Ase.

These statements are listed in the "Table of Contents",

page III, but through inadvertence reference to them was not in-

cluded in the Budget index,